f P

My Work seeks to traverse the divide between the traditional figurative painting and abstraction. I create delicately rendered paintings that explore my interest in the complexity of the human make up.


The lifelong search for purpose and a sense of completeness in oneself are the axiom upon which my artistic exploration hinges. The feeling of incompleteness in us all is represented individually in each intimate portrait. Every Portrait is a map of life and its corrosive effects.  Our emotions, traumas, hopes, memories, a plethora of the human experience, interweave to make a mortal tapestry of finite form, a transient gestalt of being.

I explore the human form in a mosaic of abstract shapes which I refer to as Form/Colour Tessellation.  My Artistic process borrows from the Appropriation of filtered digitised edited images. When seen as a whole the subjects are defined or recognisable. On closer inspection the viewer is met with an intricate network of fluid shapes and colours. Each tile or shape is significant in its own right both, an aesthetic in its singularity or part of a harmonious mass.